Aus Stock HorseNikki Blair-Aus SpectraMedics is Australia's leading supplier of therapeutic laser devices.


SpectraVET offers a choice of control units and a wide range of single- and multi-laser probe configurations for both small and large animal therapies.

All SpectraVET control units and laser probes are completely interchangeable, ensuring your SpectraVET laser system will continue to offer optimal performance even as your needs change.

SpectraVET PRO2 Therapeutic Laser System


SpectraVET ZEUS Therapeutic Laser System


SpectraVET Laser Probes

As research brings to light optimal treatment parameters for existing and new applications, SpectraVET continually develops our range of laser probes to help our customers deliver the highest quality outcomes for the animals in their care.

SpectraVET Laser Probes


Laser Phototherapy – Clinical Practice and Scientific Background

Laser Phototherapy is a guide to the current literature and a wealth of laser therapy knowledge. The book contains 960 pages and 2500 references, and is a thorough update of their 2010 book, The New Laser Therapy Handbook.

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