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SpectraVET ZEUS Control Unit

SpectraVET's ZEUS laser system combines point-and-shoot simplicity with the power and flexibility of the SpectraVET PRO2 series.

The ZEUS control unit is capable of driving SpectraVET's complete range of large and small animal laser probes, as well as other custom-configured probes, such as visible red laser probes for faster healing of open wounds.

The SpectraVET™ range also includes our unique Tendon™ probe, a 500mW 810nm single-laser probe designed specifically for treating equine tendon injuries.

Infrared single-laser probes are ideal for treating trigger points, tendon injuries, deep tissues and for non-invasive acupuncture, while multi-laser probes are perfect for treating large muscle groups as they cover the injured area more quickly.

New probes can be added at any time, thus ensuring your SpectraVET ZEUS system can adapt as your needs change.

Click here to see the complete range of SpectraVET™ laser probes.

SpectraVET ZEUS systems are backed by a 5 year Extended Care Warranty. Accessories, such as safety eyewear, external power supplies and cables are covered for 24 months. On-going technical support is provided by laser experts at our service centers located in Australia, UK, and USA.

SpectraVET ZEUS Specifications

ZUES Control Unit: Control Unit case is anodised extruded aluminium with a polycarbonate label.
Timer (secs): 20 (60 or 120 upon request)
Freq (Hz): CW

Safety Features:

Key Switch, Watchdog Timer, Emergency Stop

Power Supply:

Built-In Rechargeable Batteries, External DC Plug Pack

Weight: <1kg (excluding probes & accessories)
Warranty: 60 months on control unit and laser probes, 24 months on accessories
Complete Package:

Control Unit, Laser Probe(s)*, AC Adaptor, Operating Manual, Treatment Chart(s) & Sample Protocols, Carry Case, 2pr Laser Eyewear.


* Laser probes sold separately - click here to see range.


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