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SpectraVET™ Therapeutic Lasers offer reliable, effective and affordable treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions commonly suffered by performance animals, pets and wildlife alike.

Designed for portable operation, SpectraVET's PRO-series and ZEUS control units are lightweight and simple to operate, yet rugged and powerful enough for the most demanding user.

SpectraVET designs and manufactures a wide and growing range of continuous wave and super-pulsed handpieces, each designed specifically for a particular application, such as multi-diode probes for covering large areas more quickly, and single-diode probes for precisely targeting pathologies, trigger points, acupuncture points, and for intra-oral/-aural applications.

Large or small animal, general or specialty practice, we can configure a SpectraVET system to best suit your particular clinical and budgetary needs. We even cater for exotics, and can customize our probes' powers and wavelengths to accommodate unique clinical, research and OEM requirements.

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Why SpectraVET?

Reliable. Effective. Affordable.

SINCE 1996, SpectraVET has been specializing in veterinary laser therapy and photobiomodulation.  We've been designing and manufacturing Reliable • Effective • Affordable laser & LED devices that are built to last for a lifetime with minimal servicing and maintenance requirements.  We supply users with customized laser therapy solutions for veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

SpectraVET is committed to providing only the highest-quality products and services to our customers, and to educating the World in the science and art of photobiomodulation.

We design and manufacture the broadest range of clinically-proven veterinary therapeutic laser and LED products, which are represented and supported worldwide by our network of specialist distributors and authorized service centers.


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