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The SpectraVET Story Began in 1996

Peter Jenkins founded SpectraMedics in October 1996. For the next three years, SpectraMedics focused on manufacturing The Winning Edge greyhound laser and the CompuLase medical acupuncture unit, while Peter devoured every scrap of information he could obtain to increase his knowledge and understanding of laser phototherapy and therapeutic lasers – which of course he continues to do today.

In 1999 we made a strategic decision to specialize in the development and manufacture of veterinary lasers, and to continue producing of The Winning Edge laser, began the history of the SpectraVET brand.

The SpectraVET brand took on a life of its own in 2005, when Peter moved to the USA and formed SpectraVET Inc. Since then, SpectraVET has built upon the original product’s success in the Australian and New Zealand markets to expand the our range, create new product lines, and develop a network of representatives and authorised service centers around the world. SpectraMedics continues to provide this supporting role for Australia, New Zealand and the East Asian region.

We study photobiomodulation, design products based on existing science, and educate others about the science and technique.



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