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SpectraVET Laser Therapy for Animal Owners, Trainers, and Competitors

Whether your pet needs rehabilitation from trauma or injury, healing from wounds or surgery, or simply aging, this revolutionary new approach to veterinary medicine will greatly improve your pet’s comfort and quality of life.

Laser therapy is a modality that is safe, drug free, surgery free and affordable.  It helps your pet’s own body to heal itself, with improvements often seen within 1–5 treatments.

Rugged in design and easy to use the SpectraVET Laser can be used on a variety of injuries and conditions from wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, skin problems, acute pain, post-operative management and rehabilitating from trauma.

For Equine Competitors

It is the confidence of knowing that you have a tool to help your horse the moment they need it.  No more waiting for days to get a therapist to see your horse’s injury or soreness; with your own SpectraVET Laser you are armed and ready to tackle any unexpected injuries that might get in the way of your horse competing to it’s highest ability.  The SpectraVET Laser can be used for recovery and maintenance to have your horse in peak condition for the pressures of any level of the equine industry.

For Working, Competing, & Sporting Dog Owners

The SpectraVET Laser will save money, improve wellness and is a hands on, non-invasive tool that can give your dog that extra edge to win.  Most treatments can be carried out in less than 5 mins making the SpectraVET Laser the “must-have” machine for any home or kennel.

For Pet Owners

For those of us who want to make sure that our best friends heal as quickly and painlessly as possible, and to keep our older friends comfortable when arthritis sets in; whether they be a dog, cat, pocket pet, bird or reptile!


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