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SpectraVET Laser Therapy for Animal Physiotherapists

Laser Therapy is phototherapy using low intensity laser light to modulate biological process. By controlling the amount of light and how it is delivered into the tissue, we can then control the photochemical processes taking place in living tissue to produce the desired therapeutic outcomes.

Rugged in design and fully portable the SpectraVET laser can add value to your business and offer your clients an alternative treatment to NSAIDs for their animals. Drugs do not heal injuries but Laser Therapy does!


There are now over 1100 published, laboratory and clinical trials, showing the positive effects that Laser Phototherapy has on healing soft tissue injuries, wounds, alleviating pain and resolving inflammation.

Enhanced animal care

Laser Phototherapy can be used for a reduction in recovery time of acute traumas, it is well tolerated by animals and is an effective pain reliever.
Encouraging new clients and retaining existing clients

Laser Phototherapy provides a drug-free, surgery-free, non invasive option for clients who are looking for an alternative treatment for their animal’s condition or injury. The SpectraVET laser can be used in combination with other therapies in a holistic approach that is growing in popularity.

It offers an alternative treatment for your clients who can’t afford expensive PRP or stem cell treatments but who still want a viable option to increase healing and reduce inflammation.


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