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Super-Pulsed P4 Multi Probe 904-200S P4-MULTI


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Super-Pulsed Laser Probe with 4 protruding individual lenses which provide the most efficient application through hair coats. 

  • Inflammation
  • Tissue Repair
  • Deep Tissue
  • Long Thick Coats



Total Power Output
200 mW (Average) 100 W (Peak)
# of Laser Diodes 4
Output Power per Laser (AVERAGE) 50 mW
Output Power per Laser (PEAK) 25 W
Wavelength 904 +/- 5 nm
Laser Type GaAs
Beam Divergence 9 x 38 degrees
Polarization Linear
Laser Classification Class 3R
NOHD 17.5 cm
Safety Eyewear Requirement OD2 min at 904 nm
Aperture Size (4 Aperatures) 5 mm each aperture
Spot Size per Laser (Contact) 4 x 3.6 mm (elliptical)
Power Density per Laser 0.45 W/cm2
LED Guide Light nominal output
Delivers 1 Joule in 20 seconds (per Laser)
Dose per Minute (Joules) 12 (3 J per Laser)

NOTE: The Output Power and Power Density values listed above are as measured when the control unit is set to CW.  The Output Power and Power Density will be reduced to 50% of the CW value when any other frequency is selected.


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