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SpectraVET Therapeutic Lasers and LEDs increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair, resolve inflammation and provide relief from both acute and chronic pain.  Widely researched and proven effective, photobiomodulation (or laser therapy) is a valuable form of treatment for animal athletes and companion animals alike, and helps improve the quality of life for aging pets.

SpectraVET Lasers are designed for YOU!

SpectraVET understands the often rough and unpredictable environments in which our products are used, so all SpectraVET laser systems are designed to be tough, easy to use and maintain, and to maximize your return on your investment.

  • unmatched standard 5-year product warranty

  • user-replaceable probe cables and lenses.

  • rugged, easy-to-clean, anodized-aluminum control unit and probes.

  • complete portability and long battery life.

  • local service and expert user-support.

As research brings to light optimal treatment parameters for existing and new applications, SpectraVET continually develops our range of control units and probes to help our customers deliver the highest quality outcomes for the animals in their care.

A wide range of standard single- and multi-laser probe configurations is available to suit every small and large animal application, and additional laser powers, wavelengths and probe configurations are available upon request. All SpectraVET control units and laser probes are interchangeable, ensuring your SpectraVET laser system will continue to offer optimal performance even as your needs grow and change.

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